Professional surveillance UAV sensors

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW VTOL UAV can be equipped with several surveillance, observation or reconnaissance cameras. Some cameras are most suited for live streaming and can be controlled through a joystick or touchscreen, while others excel in onboard recording over long distances.

To help you decide what surveillance camera system to choose here are some of the features for each camera system:

Dual Thermal & HD camera gimbal

Dual thermal & HD stabilized surveillance system

  • High resolution thermal camera
  • HD video camera
  • Stabilized and controllable
  • 20x optical zoom in addition to 2x digital zoom for a total of 40x zoom.
  • Automatic retracting and onboard recording
  • Video Control Station with camera joystick

HD visible light & low light camera gimbal

HD visible light & low light surveillance system

  • HD video camera
  • Live video up to 20km distance
  • Controllable through Ground Control Station
  • Pan, Tilt & 10x zoom
  • Can operate in starlight. Therefore, it provides perfect night-vision capabilities
  • Automatic retraction and closing hatch doors

Static reconnaissance camera

Static HD reconnaissance system

  • HD video video camera
  • Live video up to 20km distance
  • Automatic recording for extreme range applications
  • Because of its low weight and small size it allows for extended UAV endurance.

You can compare the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW surveillance UAV payload options at