UAV Options & Pricing

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW surveillance UAV can be equipped with several options. You can run the UAV configurator to select your options and get a full quotation.

DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW Surveillance Packages

Surveillance package 1

The static nose camera option that provides room for an additional battery system. This means that the UAV can achieve flight times of almost 3 hours and cover op to 150KM fully autonomous.

Surveillance package 2

The retractable turret camera that offers Pan, Tilt and 10x zoom control directly from the ground control station

Surveillance package 3

The retractable turret camera with both Thermal and RGB video (EO/IR). It offers a separate video control station with a camera control joystick. With 40x zoom, stabilization and object tracking this surveillance systems is ideal for demanding surveillance operations.

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