Professional VTOL Surveillance UAV

Whether you are looking for a long range reconnaissance UAV, or a high endurance thermal monitoring drone, the DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW aerial surveillance UAV provides high quality and easy to operate live video.

How it works

A surveillance UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that carries a camera system that transmits live video to a ground operator or control room. It uses a transmission system that can send the video and flight data over long distances. The ground system is equipped with either an HD FPV field monitor, or a full Video Control System with joystick for camera control.

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW

DeltaQuad VTOL Surveillance UAV
The DeltaQuad VTOL Surveillance UAV

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can takeoff and land helicopter, and fly efficiently like an airplane. As a result it can operate in confined areas and fly long distances. It can be equipped with several camera systems for live and recorded video. These range from dual HD and thermal stabilized gimbals to static camera solutions for extreme endurance. It flies completely autonomous or guided through a touchscreen ground station.

The DeltaQuad VTOL surveillance UAV is easy to transport in a rugged flight case. The efficient design makes it fit in the back of a regular car or truck. It is deployed and ready to fly in under 2 minutes. It can fly for almost 3 hours and cover up to 150km distance.

Key features

  • VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing)
  • Up to 160 minutes and 150KM range
  • Completely autonomous missions and Point of Interest control
  • Thermal & HD live video with automatic object tracking
  • Easy to transport and deployed under 2 minutes

UAV Monitoring and Reconnaissance applications

UAV Surveillance can be employed for a variety of real-time monitoring and reconnaissance tasks such as;

  • Traffic monitoring
  • Border surveillance
  • Perimeter security
  • Oil & Gas pipeline reconnaissance
  • Forest fire detection and monitoring
  • Wildlife inspection
  • Military & Defense
  • Maritime & Offshore Surveillance
  • Disaster reconnaissance

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